Executive Director - Florida

Position: Executive Director
Florida Council Against Sexual Violence
Tallahassee, FL

Posted: 7-18-18

The Florida Council Against Sexual Violence (FCASV), a private not-for-profit 501 (3) (c) and the federally recognized state sexual assault coalition, seeks a new, full time Executive Director. Established in 1986, FCASV represents Florida’s 31 rape crisis centers, and certifies them as meeting core service and governance standards. In addition to its statewide work to improve the coordinated community response to sexual violence, FCASV also administers (passes through) state and federal funding that supports the provision of services to and for survivors.

The Executive Director guides and coordinates the activities of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence and its staff to: 1) establish and leverage partnerships in the service of survivors and the programs serving them; 2) provide exceptional technical assistance and training to certified sexual violence programs; and 3) necessarily expand its influence to effectively improve responses to victims statewide.

The Executive Director is responsible for FCASV’s achievement of its mission, including strategic and operational goals, staffing, programs, and financial objectives. The Executive Director must be deeply committed to FCASV’s mission, and to excellence in advancing the organization, providing sound fiscal management, and sustaining positive relationships with the Board of Directors, certified sexual violence programs, staff, statewide and community partners, and key constituencies.

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